In any given year, one in five Canadians will experience a mental health illness. Because it stimulates your natural defense mechanism, homeopathy can help.

Meet psychiatrist Dr. Zafeiriou, who uses homeopathy as a tool to help people suffering from psychiatric disorders. Using homeopathy, he helps them recover their mental-emotional balance.

Homeopathy can treat all kinds of disorders, from anxiety and phobias, to depression and schizophrenia. The key to homeopathic success is to tailor the treatment to the whole person. Whatever you’re diagnosed with, it’s what is unique about you and how you differ from others with the same diagnosis that determines what homeopathic medicine will be best for you.

By encouraging your natural defense mechanism, homeopathy can help you develop natural resistance to enhance mental well being, helping your body restore balance. As a compliment to conventional medical treatment, homeopathy can reduce duration of hospitalization, quantity of medication needed, frequency of relapses, and overall health care costs. Most importantly, it has no harmful side-effects.