Many seniors are over-medicated. Both my Dad, and my Mother-in-law take all kinds of medications, convinced that their doctor knows  best. While I hope this is so, I find the fact that modern medicine’s treatment fads keep changing quite often. What was popular not so long ago is often frowned upon today.

Does Baby Aspirin Prevent Heart Attacks?

Take for instance the case of baby aspirin. In healthy elderly, the widespread practice of daily taking low-dose aspirin is quite a popular lifestyle choice. It is based on a conviction that this will prevent cardiovascular problems such as heart attack or stroke. In fact, the latest study shows that taking daily doses of baby-aspirin may be doing more harm than good!

The study shows that as a blood-thinner, even small doses of aspirin daily increase the risk of major bleeding, without preventing what it is meant to do, namely first-time heart attack, stroke, or heart failure. Odds of a major bleeding episode were 38% higher for those taking baby-aspirin. Nor does it help people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol. As well, the risk of stomach and intestinal cancer was found to be higher in regular users of baby aspirin.

Preventive Measures that Really Work

For prevention, a heart-healthy lifestyle is what is best for us all. This includes daily exercise, proper nutrition, good sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, and stress management. If you would like to know more about my weight or stress management services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.