Obesity, cancer and lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices cause 42 % of cancer cases according to the American Cancer Society. While smoking is still by far the biggest cause of cancer, obesity is second leading cause of cancer cases and deaths.

Why obesity can lead to cancer

Being overweight doesn’t mean that someone will definitely develop cancer. But if a person is overweight they are more likely to get cancer than if they are a healthy weight. This is because extra fat in the body doesn’t just sit there. Extra fat sends out signals to the rest of your body. These signals can tell cells in our body to divide more often, which is why obesity can lead to cancer.

The good news is that if you are struggling with obesity and worried about your health, you can do something about. The key to good health is to make healthy lifestyle choices. It means replacing junk food with healthy foods. We are creatures of habit. Once you get into the rhythm of eating home made foods, including plenty of veggies and healthy protein, you too can look and feel great.

A nutritional program in Ottawa that’s right for you

I believe that a nutritional program requires individualization. Each person has their own unique metabolic needs. In my Ottawa healthy weight loss practice, I offer a personalized approach to nutrition.  Foods that are best suited to your metabolism may be different from mine. The Ottawa weight loss program at Full Circle Healing Ottawa focuses on foods which stabilize your blood sugar levels. The result is metabolic balance, helping you achieve and maintain optimum weight.

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