Is there a link between obesity and our household cleaning products? We all know that eating wrong foods, overeating and not enough exercise are leading lifestyle contributors to weight problems. However, new study indicates another quite surprising possibility, namely that the house cleaners we regularly use are also affecting the weight of our children!

Are All Cleaning Products Equal?

The volatile organic compounds in cleaning products have also been associated with multiple allergies, eczema, respiratory problems including asthma, and even cancer. To add insult to injury, these products harm our environment.

Healthy Cleaning Products

The good news is that there are homemade natural household cleaner options for available to us that are equally effective to harsh chemicals. Because they are non-toxic, products such as lemon, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda have no harmful side effects. What is good for our home is also good for the environment.

Make Our Children Wellness Warriors
Because our children are like sponges, they copy and learn from their parents. If we practice unhealthy lifestyle choices such as cleaning our home with toxic chemicals, chances are our kids will do the same when they grow up. They unconsciously learn from us both our good and bad habits. For a sustainable future, our lifestyle choices matter. To help our children help themselves, we need to help them become Wellness Warriors. These five common-sense lifestyle choices we parents can practice can help both us and our kids.

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