Mental health and Brexit

Brexit politics are having a negative impact on British mental health. Anxiety, depression and insomnia are all increasing. The use of antidepressants has risen by over 13% since the 2016 public vote. People fear losing their jobs, or being forced to move abroad, or are simply “feeling powerless”.

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness enhances emotional intelligence. Stress can more easily be managed when one has emotional intelligence. By making the unconscious conscious, mindfulness facilitates reasoned and skillful responses, even in the face of highly charged feelings. Which is why practicing mindfulness can help improve politics.

Mindfulness to antidote Brexit angst

According to this CBC article, many Brits are turning to mindfulness meditation to cope with the stress of Brexit. Mindfulness serves as an antidote to overwhelming feelings. Our ability to cultivate conscious presence has been shown to facilitate inner peace, improve relationships and enhance creativity. These are outcomes sorely needed in our current political climate.

Mindfulness can help politics evolve

As mentioned in my article Is Mindful Parenting Good for Us?, the earlier we learn mindfulness, the easier it is to practice. Still, it is never too late though. Politicians in England are engaging in mindfulness training. Those legislators taking part have reported personal benefits. Their focus, impulse control, compassion and inner peace have all improved. These politicians are starting to consider mindfulness as a foundational capacity, rather than just as a targeted intervention for specific problems.