Is There a Link Between Antibiotics and Obesity?

Antibiotics are being linked to numerous health problems, including the obesity epidemic. More than half of all Canadians today are overweight.

It has long been known that factory-farmed animals are fattened by being fed antibiotic-laced food. There is concern about potential long-term effects of antibiotics on gut health.

Researchers connect nearly every disease, including adolescent obesity, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease with gut health. Because we are all unique, my approach to addressing the obesity epidemic involves tailoring a nutrition & lifestyle approach that suits your individual metabolic needs.

How to Improve Gut Flora & Overall Health?

The good news is that we can improve our gut health naturally. Minimizing the use of antibiotics unless absolutely necessary goes a long way to maintaining a healthy gut. Another key to a healthy digestive system is to limit high sugar foods. Eating a diverse diet high in vegetables and legumes is a must. High in fiber, these foods help grow healthy gut bacteria.  Including fermented foods such as yogurt or kombucha enhances gut balance and supports the immune system. Plain yogurt is better for you than flavored. Did you know that making your own yogurt is  easier than you think?

Finally, breast feeding is a great way to ensure that our newborns get a good start to overall health. Breast feeding has been shown to reduce the risk of various problems, including ear infections, allergies, childhood obesity and diabetes.

Can Homeopathy Help Reduce Reliance on Antibiotics?

Despite a dearth of homeopathic research due to lack of funding, this study shows that homeopathic medicine is an effective way of helping reduce frequency and severity of various types of respiratory tract infections, a primary cause of antibiotic use. Homeopathy has been shown to be effective as a viable alternative to antibiotic use for the following conditions:

Cost Effectiveness

Most real-world outcome studies in adults and children, but not all, show that homeopathy substantially lowers costs., Trichard et al compared pharmacoeconomics of homeopathy vs antibiotic treatment strategies in 499 French children with recurrent acute rhinopharyngitis. They found that homeopathy significantly reduced the number and severity of respiratory tract infections.

So, can antibiotics make us fat?

The jury is out; antibiotics can make us fat! Overuse of antibiotics has led to major healthcare problems. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are just the tip of the iceberg. They are also affecting the health of our gut flora, thereby contributing to the obesity epidemic.

At Full Circle Healing Ottawa I rely on optimizing your body’s self-healing abilities. A healthy lifestyle emphasizing wholesome food along with regular exercise enhances wellness. To help build resistance to infections, my homeopathic approach offers a smart compliment to your your health care needs. It can help diminish the overuse of antibiotics by making us healthier, with no harmful side-effects.

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