Our eating and fitness habits play an important role in determining our appearance and how well we feel.  As much as food can be our medicine, I believe it can also be our poison.  If you are one of the seven million Canadians struggling with weight issues, your doctor’s advice to “eat right and exercise” may not be effective as you’re pretty much on your own once you leave your doctor’s office.

My approach to weight loss and well-being involves team work.  During the three to six months that it takes to achieve the majority of people’s weight goals, there are regular follow-up visits with me.  I am there to coach and support you:  measuring your progress, encouraging you through difficult times, and offering personalized advice to help you achieve your ideal weight.

Making food your medicine
The approach I use is strictly about food, and does not include supplements or packaged foods.  Instead, the plan I help you devise starts with a blood test that measures 35 specific values. From that, we are able to assess the particularities of your unique metabolism and identify specific foods that are good for you.  

When you come to see me for nutritional guidance, I will offer you clear guidelines on precisely what you can and cannot eat, in what proportions, when and how often.  While this may seem daunting, it delivers results, and is a lifestyle practice that lasts a lifetime, and gets easy once you get used to the routine. I speak from experience, having tried it on myself, shedding over fifteen kilograms over a three-month period until I reached my ideal weight, and maintaining that weight ever since.

Not for everyone
Admittedly, this approach to weight loss and wellness is not for everyone.  It is not suitable for those on a vegan diet.  Also, if you work extremely long hours, eating out a lot and with hardly any time to prepare and cook your own food, you may have a hard time following this plan, which is focused on eating wholesome foods, prepared from scratch.  No packaged foods are allowed, which means you need to be prepared to dedicate time to buying, weighing, chopping, and cooking.  The good news is that to find out whether this life-changing nutritional lifestyle is suitable for you, the initial session with me is FREE.

Insulin and obesity
This method is based on an understanding of the effects of different foods, particularly carbohydrates, on the stability of your blood sugar levels, and on how this affects your body’s insulin production.  Insulin is a hormone our body produces to break down carbs, turning them into energy.  Unhealthy eating habits can lead to insulin imbalance and insulin resistance.  This can lead to so-called ‘Metabolic Syndrome’, lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular problems and diabetes.  

Applying this approach to holistic nutrition, you will learn life-altering techniques that can last you the rest of your life.  Knowing exactly what foods are good for you, when to eat them, in what order and in what quantities, as well as how much water is optimal for you, coupled with your favorite exercise routine, can go a long way to enhancing your overall health and self-image, helping you look and feel great.

I offer a free 20-minute introductory consultation.