Mindfulness facilitates our ability to live in the present moment.  I have found the practice of mindfulness to be an excellent skill for cultivating inner peace, even in the most stressful of times, and have increasingly integrated mindfulness coaching into my practice.  Learning the art of mindfulness is like learning a new language: the earlier one learns it, the more second-nature it becomes.  Yet studies show that it is never too late to learn and benefit from increased mindfulness.

The majority of us tend to think too much, unaware of how this unconscious habit can negatively affect our psychological, spiritual and physical well-being.  We ruminate, worry and helplessly listen to our inner voice judging ourselves and others.  Greater mindfulness results in the quieting of this mind-chatter.  This has been shown to bring lasting relief from anxiety and sadness.

Antidoting stress
Research into the benefits of practicing mindfulness has grown exponentially in recent years. Studies have shown mindfulness techniques to be effective in relieving both physical and mental suffering, reducing sensitivity to pain, improving immune system function, lowering stress and anxiety, and increasing empathy.  Furthermore, cultivating this skill has been shown to enhance concentration, self-control, and our ability to solve problems and adapt to new experiences.  By becoming more mindful, we are attempting to replace our usual fight/flight/freeze reactions to external stressors with calmness, compassion and grace.

The Dalai Lama muscle
As your mindfulness coach, I can help you learn methods that shift your attention away from repetitive thoughts, towards body awareness – noticing more the rhythm of your breath, the feel of your heart beating, and an awareness of your entire body from head to toe.  With a bit of guidance, you experience how this shift liberates you from the habit of rumination and its accompanying angst.  You gain confidence in your ability to consciously let go of the mind-chatter, and replace it with simply being in the present moment.  This is what I call your ‘Dalai Lama muscle’. Regular mindfulness practice can dramatically improve the quality of your life experience.

I offer a free 20-minute introductory consultation.