Our body has the ability to heal itself, and I believe that harnessing this ability through homeopathy is an effective way to promote self-healing.  I have been a passionate student, practitioner and advocate of this method for over 35 years, helping people to recover their health and stay healthy with no harmful side effects.  

Royal medicine
Some of the world’s most famous people use and appreciate homeopathic medicine, including Sir Paul McCartney, Usain Bolt and Jennifer Aniston.  Did you know that Mr. Bolt, the fastest man in the world, swears by it in helping him recover from injuries? Germany’s national football team and its top two professional leagues are also known to have used homeopathic remedies to keep their players healthy and fit.  You might even call homeopathy ‘royal medicine’.  Queen Elizabeth is a patron of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, while Prince Charles has taken an active role in supporting homeopathic and complementary medicine.

Homeopathy is useful in treating a wide range of conditions, from acute to chronic.  While it can help speed up recovery following an injury, or treat and enhance resistance to the flu, it is equally effective in treating chronic conditions such as arthritis, allergies, or depression.  This is done by identifying so-called ‘constitutional’ remedies that correspond fundamentally to a person’s very essence, or constitution, helping develop resistance to persistent, or recurring conditions such as premenstrual syndrome or migraines.  

The value of pain
For me, symptoms such as pain that we experience when we are ill represent valuable clues to uncovering what is at the root of our disease, and what might assist the body in healing.  Conventional medicine may seek to oppose symptoms with anti-depressants, antibiotics or anti-inflammatories.  In contrast, I apply what is known as the Principle of Similars, prescribing a remedy that can produce similar symptoms in healthy people as the symptoms my client is experiencing.  For example, I might prescribe a preparation derived from onion for someone suffering with hay fever, since cutting an onion causes your eyes to water and smart, your nose to run, and sneezing – symptoms similar to hay fever.   

What is unique about you?
And yet one size never fits all – homeopathic treatment is always tailored to the individual.  There are over 3,000 remedies to choose from, derived from the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms.  Choosing the right one relies on accuracy: how well I understand what is unique about you.  Not everyone suffering from hay fever will get the same prescription.  It depends on your particular experience of hay fever, and how you differ from others with the same condition.

An initial visit can last up to two hours.  Being the expert in your experience, you describe to me how your symptoms make you feel, what makes them better or worse, how they affect your mood, appetite, sleep, etc., and what was happening in your life when they first appeared.  This information guides me to choose a remedy suited to your individual experience.  A follow-up visit three weeks later serves to assess progress, while helping refine my understanding of you.

I offer a free 20-minute introductory consultation.